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Garden Art and Street Artists

At the foundation of it is rebellion, There's something that these artists are despondent about, and they're letting the world think about it. For example, in case you're a devotee of rap music, you'll frequently hear some irate verses. It's not inside the extent of this article to talk about the wellspring of outrage. So also, for graffiti art, rebellion is made known by making wall paintings out in the open spots. Doing this is illicit yet, many have done this, and it appears that graffiti art is presently crazy. Artists worldwide have picked this particular outlet to convey what needs to be heard or seen, to ensure that they listen. Graffiti art has been known to be a device to get consideration, attention and response. Decorate your garden with Mernda Totems
We produce brightly coloured treated pine posts to decorate your garden or courtyard
The posts are 90mm sq and come in various heights from 1m, to 2.4m
The totems look best in groups of 3-4

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 Ideal locations Include:totems close up

    • · Private homes
    • · Playgrounds
    • · Schools
    • · Kindergartens
    • · Commercial locations – hotels, shopping and conference centres

For instant colour in your garden, plant a Mernda Totem 

No watering required!


Discounts available for multiple purchases

What will be the result of using Mernda Totems?

  • They put your unique stamp on your garden design.
  • They offer a fresh, new focal point your clients will love.
  • Group several together for even more impact.
  • Custom made to suit the design and colour scheme.
  • Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.

Please feel free to contact us directly and discuss your creative solution

Having something “Different & Unique” to offer your clients for their garden is the challenge every designer faces.
In these days of drastic water shortages, I have the solution for alternative garden decoration.
When designing your next garden - why not include one – or several – of our custom-made Mernda Totems?

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